Mustafa Berk Duran (PhD)

Software Developer, Warranty Master

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Concern-Orientation builds large software systems out of smaller reusable artifacts called concerns. When higher-level concerns reuse lower-level concerns in a reuse hierarchy, the designer may choose to delay deciding on a specific variant provided by the lower-level concern to the designer of the next higher-level concern. Delaying decisions is essential to provide reusable intermediate-level artifacts for later stages of reuse when more complete information about the system and its requirements is available. Goal modeling techniques specify the impact of a selected variant on system qualities such as performance or user convenience. To reason about trade-offs among system qualities, individual impacts from all levels in the reuse hierarchy must be evaluated. This demo showcases the evaluation mechanism of the TouchCORE tool which supports (i) the selection of variations from different levels in the reuse hierarchy and (ii) the propagation of lower-level evaluations to connected higher-level impact models.

Evaluation of Reusable Impact Models

MOSSER 2017, Poster

On the Reuse of Goal Models

MOSART 2016, Presentation

Support for Evaluation of Impact Models in Reuse Hierarchies with jUCMNav and TouchCORE

MODELS 2015, Tool Demo

Enabling Reuse with Relative Contribution Values in Goal Models

1st CORE Workshop @ Bellairs, 2015, Presentation